Vivid contemporary abstract art with a fresh burst of color by Kostadina Nacheva

Spontaneous and atmospheric, engaging and meditative abstract paintings with rich texture

About Kostadina’s Art

My creative process is about expression through color and texture; it is focused on the ability of an abstract canvas to convey moods and evoke memories through the interplay of colors and strokes. My art speaks both of a very personal journey and of a universal emotional language that can be interpreted freely by the viewers themselves. Working with a palette knife allows me to add a tactile quality to my artwork, a three-dimensional sense of color that invites the audience to lean in and look closely.

Highly influenced by the work of impressionists and post-impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh, my paintings carry a similar love of color and light, of the passing of the seasons and the transient, yet eternal, beauty of nature. The canvases are intimate revelations, but at the same time they allow the audience to follow its own spiritual journey through the influence of the color palettes.

Kaleidoscope Heart - Original Painting by Kostadina Nacheva


Discover the original paintings of Kostadina Nacheva – artwork full of color, light and emotion

Waking Up Original Oil Painting by Kostadina Nacheva

Original abstract oil paintings on canvas – vivid colors and expressive textures that are evocative and dynamic.

Unfolding - Detail from the Original Abstract Collage on Paper by Kostadina Nacheva

Original abstract collages and paintings on paper in rich and vibrant hues – affordable art full of life and emotion that will move any soul.

Jewellery by Kostadina Nacheva

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Looking for a custom piece for your home or office?

  • Select a painting from my Etsy shop – large, medium and small abstracts in a variety of colors are available for sale. Fast and easy way to get a piece for your home, office or collection.

  • Want a custom piece that fits your interior? You can request one on my Etsy shop or contact me via e-mail. I would be happy to create something just for you!

  • You prefer a collage? I can offer you a selection of colorful abstract works on paper that are an affordable option for decorating your home.

Buy art from my Etsy shop!

The Others About Kostadina’s Work

“Every piece exhibits such intense depth and texture that it leaves you wondering about its humble beginning.”,
“I think it’s the colors that she uses (bright) and the bold, heavy hand with which she applies them– or maybe it’s the solidity and texture of her work–but whatever it is, I like it. It pulls me in. It has oomph.”
Mary Catherine, Star Struck
Fantastic seller, provided regular updates on custom order. Highly recommend.
Olivia Riordan