Project Description

Let’s go kiss in the garden, dance barefoot


This collection of small abstracts is inspired by the lush vivid colors of a garden in bloom and the passion of a blooming love! It represents the freedom one feels when in love, the desire to dance, to walk barefoot in the grass, to smell the delectable scent of the flowers and the excitement of the first kisses. A summer of love, a day of abandon, sunlight and spontaneity.

Affordable art in vibrant colors to bring the beauty of the seasons and the richness of emotion in your room!
Ideal as a gift as well – whether it is a wedding gift, a Christmas gift, a birthday gift or a gift just to say that you love someone.

Title: Let’s go kiss in the garden, dance barefoot
Pieces: Collection of 4 small abstracts – Let’s go, Kiss in the Garden, Dance, Barefoot
Size: each piece is approx. 7.8×10.2cm (3.07×4 in), mounted on 14.9x21cm (5.86×8.26 in) paper (A5 size)
Media: Tempera/gouache on paper
Year: 2016

Status: Available on my Etsy shop here.