Project Description

Oh Hello Fall


This collection of six small abstracts is inspired by the vibrancy of the fall season, when every tree shines in gold, yellow and red like flames against the cool sky. The air is crisp, the bonfires are alight and the wind scatters color everywhere, covering the world in a kaleidoscopic blanket. Inhale the scent of pumpkin spice and leaves, and enjoy this autumnal collection in your home.

Affordable art in vibrant colors to bring the beauty of the season in your room!
Ideal as a gift as well.

Title: Oh Hello Fall!
Pieces: Collection of 6 small abstracts – Bonfire, Cascade, Feast, Crisp, Maple, Fall
Size: each piece is approx. 7.8×10.2cm (3.07×4 in), mounted on 14.9x21cm (5.86×8.26 in) paper (A5 size)
Media: Tempera/gouache on paper
Year: 2016

Status: Available on my Etsy shop here.